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Sarah Skrlj: Artist Series in CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Sarah Skrlj: Artist Series in CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Outlining self-expression: Sarah Skrlj–Artist Series Program Toronto

Psycho Bunny’s Artist Series Program with Toronto-based artist Sarah Skrlj is a modern-day chef-d'oeuvre, celebrating self-expression, her city, and the bold Bunny logo in two intricate acrylic and spray painted art pieces.

Skrlj is highly adept at intricate outlining and vibrant pen designs. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Guelph, she continued to hone her craft, working on everything from Raptors and The Black Keys merchandise to a slew of high-end retail spaces—painting both the inside and store front. Her mural of Toronto’s famous Calii Love angel wings is arguably the city’s most famous—and undoubtedly the most social media-friendly. Although she is best known for her poignant work in monochromatic shades, her collaged illustrations on brightly colored ombré canvases—aptly named Checkmate and 43.6544° N, 79.3807° (the location of Psycho Bunny’s store at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre)—is a perfect complement to the Psycho Bunny aesthetic.


“I always like to create pieces that represent my surroundings. For the Psycho Bunny Artist Series Program, I wanted to include Toronto iconography that both locals and visitors would recognize, like street cars and the CN Tower,” Skrlj explains. This inspiration for her city, paired with Psycho Bunny’s bright, bold, and fun approach to design and fashion, gave rise to her creative process for the project. Astoundingly, the end product is a complex creation to perfectly represent both the brand and artist.

Skrlj’s unique style goes back as far as she can remember. She would always doodle at school—on the side of her school notes, pencil cases, and even desks—dreaming of being a professional artist one day. “I always wanted to have a career in the arts and feel very lucky that I can now call myself a professional artist, who gets to work on amazing collaborative programs like this one.”

Her creative process for the Psycho Bunny Artist Series required a true understanding of the brand in order for her to authentically express herself through its unique aesthetic. “I love to start out with what the brand represents, what they have done in the past, and what they currently do to get an idea of their history and evolution. For this canvas I created illustrations that represented both Psycho Bunny and Toronto,” Skrlj elaborates.

The result: a collection of highly detailed line drawings—in her classic doodling style—that she carefully collaged onto canvases that have been painted with acrylic and then spray painted to have a beautiful and bright ombré effect. The pieces in the Psycho Bunny Artist Series Program are extremely detailed, immediately captivating anyone that looks at them. The effect it has is hypnotic, making it hard to look away. “It gives the viewer something new to see every time they look at it. It’s supposed to give a sense of wonder and make people take a moment to slow down and get lost in the art,” Skrlj explains.

Her definition of self-expression, which she puts down in three simple words, has manifested itself brilliantly within her work in the Psycho Bunny Artist Series Program for Toronto: creation, exploration, and authenticity.

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