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  • Daddy Yankee

    The Reggaeton pioneer is fueled by a passion for his Puerto Rican heritage. He carried the torch—through devotion and pride—to catapult the genre into global hysteria.

  • Jay Versace

    Jay, a Grammy Award-winning producer for his work on the last Tyler, The Creator album, believes in staying true to yourself without ever compromising or allowing others to influence you.

  • Justise Winslow

    Star NBA player and style icon Justise Winslow injects the same confidence and authenticity he brings to the court into everything else he does.

  • Kendrick Sampson

    The Houston native activist, actor, and star of HBO’s Insecure is dedicated to fighting social injustice in his community and fearlessly using his voice for change.

  • Brother Nature

    Kelvin’s a prolific out-of-the-box creator with an undisputed Instagram and TikTok presence, a photographer, and animal lover.

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The concept of Coloring Outside The Lines

Daddy Yankee

Driven by his love for music and his culture, DY's discipline and devotion for success—fired by honor and reputation—inspired him to color outside the lines.

Brother Nature

Kelvin believes that as you strive to color outside the lines, the slow grind—and doing things at your own pace—allows you to stay true to your core.

Jay Versace

Jay’s philosophy for coloring outside the lines is to do it your own way, no matter what—while never forgetting your roots or taking time for your family.

Justise Winslow

Justise's mantra is NASA: Never Abandon Self Ambition. To never forget the dream and know why you do it is his reason to color outside the lines.

Kendrick Sampson

Spreading peace and love in your community and to defend each other on the way up drives Kendrick’s self-expression to color outside the lines. To him collective success is power.

Psycho Bunny

The five creative collaborators for this year’s annual COTL campaign rendered their personal philosophies on self-expression into meticulously crafted embroidered, chenille, and printed graphic patches, telling profound stories of coloring outside the lines.